Our Projects

Otherlab is a private Research and Development company with a number of core competencies. We welcome industrial partnerships and commercialization partners. We have worked with dozens of companies globally from small start-ups to multi-nationals and Fortune 500 businesses. We develop enabling new technologies through an emphasis on prototyping coupled to rigorous physics simulation and mathematical models. We develop our own design tools because it’s lonely at the frontier and to create new things and ideas, you often have to create the tools to design them.

Computational Manufacturing and Design Tools

Otherlab has been collaborating with MIT and Harvard on a DARPA program called Programmable Matter. Under this program we have been working on the geometry, algorithms, and manufacture of novel ways to make materials that are re-programmable, repurposable, and blend the boundaries between materials science, computer science, biology and mathematics.

Robotics and Prostheses

Otherlab has been applying expertise in computational design tools, simulation, and inflatable structures to making highly capable, very low-cost robots. We are also developing applications in medical devices, safety equipment, prosthesis, and human-augmentation.

Solar Energy

No doubt about it -- we need cheaper solar energy. Otherlab is investigating a novel method of harvesting sunlight at a radically lower cost. More at http://sunfolding.com/ --->

Conformable Gas Tanks

As it turns out non-cylindrical pressure vessels are something lots of industries want, but haven't figured out how to make. We realized a simple method of designing and manufacturing tanks that fit neatly and efficiently into any desired shape. These tanks will help car manufactures fit CNG tanks into their next generation vehical designs. More at http://conformabletank.otherlab.com/ --->

Electric Vehicles

Run from inside Otherlab, Onya Cycles seeks to solve commuting and urban transport challenges. The front-end-loader leaning tricycle and the two-wheeled E.T. hauler give big carrying capacities without sacrificing fun and performance.


Otherlab believes in hands-on education: teaching science and engineering through project-based learning. Howtoons brings these lessons to kids through the beautifully drawn illustrations of Nick and Ingrid Dragotta. More at http://howtoons.com/ --->


Otherlab is broadening the reach of CNC fabrication by developing a class of low-cost, precision machines

More at http://otherfab.com --->